EIGHT BELLS was forged in 2010 by Melynda Jackson (SubArachnoid Space) and began as a songwriting collaboration with jazz-trained six-string bassist Haley Westeiner and drummer Chris Van Huffel. Based in Portland, Oregon, EIGHT BELLS explores dark sonic realms with a blackened dissonance combined with ethereal and haunting female vocals. A new lineup including Dan Barone (ex SubArachnoid Space, and Melynda Amann (Jamais Jamais) was announced in early August and is preparing for performances in the Pacific Northwest and Canada.

EIGHT BELLS  Debut album, The Captain’s Daughter, was recorded by Billy Anderson and released in 2013 by Seventh Rule and on vinyl by The Flenser. In support of the album’s release, Eight Bells toured in support of Agalloch and SubRosa.

EIGHT BELLS released their sophomore full-length, Landless, via Battleground Records earlier this year. Captured by producer/engineer Billy Anderson (Agalloch, Tragedy, Demon Lung, Ommadon, Brothers Of The Sonic Cloth et al), the record is a defining evolution within EIGHT BELLS’ perpetually shapeshifting sound explorations. They toured in early 2016 with Voivod and Vektor in support of Landless.  Pitchfork calls the record, “Heartbreakingly beautiful,” further lauding the offering’s, “wraithlike vocals and numbed melodies hanging over pinprick prog fretwork… Dual vocal lines emanate from some unseen place, sometimes braided together in a conjoined plea for connection…” Noisey concurs crowningLandless, “a tour-de-force,” and hailing their,“out-there progression, ethereal atmosphere, and unexpected harmonies.” Elsewhere the sentiment echoes. Exclaim gushes, “EIGHT BELLS have created a veritable monument to yearning… Breathless, imbalanced genius,” BrooklynVegan notes, “There’s a classical doom feel… wedded to a modern sense of progressiveness, with reverb-y harmonies and organ melding creating a vivid contrast with the driving, powerful drumming of new member Rae Amitay,” while Outburn adds, “EIGHT BELLS has made a contender for one of the best records of the year for any genre.”

Press for The Captain’s Daughter:

Iron Hops “A+. ... a complex and genre-bending masterpiece.”

Echoes and Dust "...head-bang inducing, ethereal and gloriously unpredictable.”

Steel for Brains “a damn near perfect concoction of black metal atmosphere with the spiraling aesthetic of progressive rock at its most unpredictable... an exercise in the experimental as each track moves forward with atomic precision.”

EIGHT BELLS’ sophomore album, Landless, is to be released in February 2016. This effort sees Eight Bells experience a change in personnel with drummer Rae Amitay, but once again join forces with legendary producer/engineer Billy Anderson. The material offers a definitive evolution of their sound, and will be released on vinyl/digital formats via Battleground Records and on tape via Tartarus Records. Eight Bells has also been chosen as direct support for Voivod and Vektor this February, where they will tour the Northeastern United States.